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Dear Customers,

All our massage treatments are temporarily unavailable, but we hope to resume our services in a few days. Please text or call us if you need more details.

We apologise for the inconvenience.


See below what our clients say about Brazilian Beauty Room:

'Really great massage giving me enough time to get ready and continually asking me about the pressure. She did areas of deep tissue work where she needed to even though I only paid for a Swedish massage. I didn’t want the treatment to end and felt very comfortable.'

Alice Goold

'I was fortunate to get a late-minute booking. Great massage - good pressure and really focused on all the knots. Would recommend.'


'Honestly... my treatment was absolutely wonderful. I slept so peacefully the following Saturday and Sunday night. Silly of me to leave it so long for this treatment because I had been without a decent nights sleep for weeks with head, neck and shoulder pain. This dear woman without any doubt knows her profession very well. She put me at my ease immediately I entered and made me feel comfortable. She knew precisely where my problem was and the causes. Thank you so much Marcia you made me brand new once more and I now realize how essential massage treatments can become.. I'll be back.'


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