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Lymphatic  Drainage Massage (LDM) uses light pressure, gentle rhythmic strokes and soft pumping movements to increase lymphatic flow. The aim of this massage is to move excess fluid from areas that become congested so it continues to drain away normally.

Benefits include:

  • Reduces anxiety and stress, promoting deep relaxation.

  • Sinusitis: decongests the nose and face areas.

  • Migraine: relieves pain with deep relaxation.

  • Colds and Flu: boosts the immune system.

  • Hangover: boosts lymphatic flow, helps swill out the toxins consumed the night before.

  • Reduces swelling (oedema) and promotes detox.

At Brazilian Beauty Room we offer two options:

Half body - 40 mins: £45

Full body - 60 mins: £55

LDM - details

Lymphatic  Drainage Massage (LDM)
- the details -

What is the Lymphatic System
The lymphatic system is a large part of our immune system and has a number of important functions. The lymphatic system:

  • removes fluid from tissues and returns it to the blood circulatory system;

  • distributes immune cells throughout the body to maintain health and defend against diseases;

  • rids tissues of excess proteins and toxins, and carries digested fat from the intestines to the blood vessels;

  • helps to repair damage in injured tissues;

  • can also regenerate and even develop new lymph nodes in areas of chronic infection.

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM)

LDM uses external massage strokes to move fluids out of body tissues and into the lymphatic system. LDM stimulates the immune system because it helps move stagnant tissue fluid out of tissues and into the lymphatic vessels, where it is purified by lymphocytes.

LDM was developed in the 1930s and since then it has been widely used in esthetics/cosmetology because it improves the skin’s appearance.


As it evolved, LDM became important in two areas:

  • enhancing lymph circulation and immunity and maintaining health on the one hand; 

  • and treating chronic oedema, lymphedema disease, on the other hand.


LDM is used after cosmetic surgery to reduce swelling, speed healing and reduce the developments of scar tissue:

  • It helps the healing of injuries by stimulating microcirculation, which assists in the removal of cellular debris from the site of the injury.

  • LDM helps to reduce scar tissue, but because scar tissue responds slowly to massage, repeated sessions are required to obtain visible results.


Because LDM is relaxing, nurturing, and supporting, it helps decrease stress, depression, insomnia, and fatigue, removing oedema and relaxing soft tissues, including muscles.


LDM is also indicated for:

  • Lymphedema (Lymphedema is swelling due to build-up of lymph fluid in the body)

  • Relaxation and

  • Sinusitis

Deep abdominal lymph massage reduces constipation and abdominal pain, helps to restore intestinal peristalsis, relaxes adhesions in the abdomen, improves the motility of abdominal organs, and improves breathing.


  • Thrombosis and phlebitis: Blood clots and phlebitis are contraindications for any kind of massage.

  • Acute conditions and infectious conditions: massage should be avoided during the acute phase of any illnesses.

  • Asthma

  • Allergic symptoms: as they result from an overreaction of the immune system to allergens, LDM can spread histamines, which could result in increased inflammation.

  • Thyroid: For clients with thyroid disease, any style of massage is contraindicated for the area where the thyroid is located.

  • Low blood pressure: as LDM lowers blood pressure, it is not indicated to persons under this condition.

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